Brrr…. Its Cold out there!

Happy new year! We hope you all had a great year. The past year for PaTRA has been a good one, with new volunteer faces and feet on the ground helping support the trail system in Bald Eagle State Forest. Our volunteers were already hard at work this year hiking the single track with representatives from DCNR and The Bald Eagle Forestry Department. They evaluated most of the single track in the system so we can start to plan our maintenance for the 2018 year.

The air may be frigid and the trails covered in snow but the work of volunteers never ends. We’re already in the early stages of planning for the 7 Mtns Dual Sport. I know some are already dreaming of warm summer days to come.

The 2018 event is scheduled for early September at the Union County Sportmens Club like years past. The Sportsmens Club was once again impressed with our event, and at the courteous and polite riders who attended!

With that said we are planning a “One Day Only” event this year. We need riders opinions on which day they would prefer the event be held “Saturday or Sunday”

Please take time to fill out the short survey below to let us know which day you prefer.

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