Trails – Summer Opener

Summer riding…. Trails open May 24th

Please Ride with Respect… to the forest, the trails, and other forest users.

To all riders in the bald eagle state forest, please be mindful to which trails are legal to ride while out on the dual sport trail system. Your bike must be street legal and insured to ride on the trail system.

The dual sport trail system is marked with purple blazes and purple diamonds at key intersections. If you think you are on a trail you are not supposed to be on with a motorcycle please stop and turn around.

The future of this trail system depends on the riders who use it. Other forest users and surrounding land owners are quick to point out to DCNR when motorcycles are in areas that they don’t belong.

Spread the word. Educating as many riders as we can is the only way to ensure we don’t lose the right to ride these trails.

We will be organizing some trail work days soon. They will be announced as soon we get it nailed down

If you have questions about the trails and need clarification please stop by the Bald Eagle Forestry Office at the intersection of Rt. 45 and Rt. 235. They have maps for the trail system in the lobby, and the staff can answer questions about the trail system.

Bureau of Forestry, Bald Eagle State Forest
18865 Old Turnpike Rd, Millmont, PA 17845
Phone:(570) 922-3344 Fax:(570) 922-4696

See you on the trail.

– PaTRA Crew

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