2020 Membership


PaTRA is operated by volunteers who dedicate their time towards trail rehabilitation and sustainability.  The PaTRA volunteers log many hours on the trail every year, evaluating, rehabilitating, and sustaining miles of trails for everyone to enjoy.

Your contribution helps PaTRA’s mission of ensuring the Dual Sport Trail System in Bald Eagle State Forest remains open as legal trail system to ride dual sport motorcycles.

PaTRA continues to work in conjunction and under the guidance of the Bald Eagle Forestry service.

By becoming a member of PaTRA you are not only supporting a organization of off-road enthusiast who are dedicated to the preservation of the dual sport trail system in Bald Eagle State Forest, but are entitled to some new membership offerings this year.

Members will receive an early registration opportunity for the 7 Mountains Dual Sport Adventure. This event has become very popular and sells out earlier every year. This is your chance to secure your spot to one of the best dual sport events in the fall.

Members will receive access to an all new GPS enabled paper map of the Dual Sport Trail System in Bald Eagle SF. I know you’re thinking…. how does that work? The same paper map that you’re familiar with and you find at the trail head is now GPS enabled with any smart phone. This means even without cell reception you will know exactly where you are on the trail system with GPS overlay. No more guessing where you are on the trails, or if you’re on a legal dual sport trail. It’s super easy to use and very helpful when the trail is poor marked.

Members will receive news and updates about the trail system status including seasonal opening and closing dates. Work days and board meetings will be announced through our mailing list as well.

So what are you waiting for, get involved the future dual sporting depends on it!


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